Welcome Bashful Peony Beauty

It’s Peony time.

Here are some tips for purchasing or cutting them from your garden which will ensure prolonged enjoyment.

Peonies  only last 3 to 4 days before they start falling apart therefore to prolong their vase life make sure you buy them when their heads are still tight little balls, if you are cutting them from your garden make sure to check the flowers for ants.  Peonies have a nectar which ants love.

Remove any damaged foliage and any foliage that is below the water line in your container.  Make sure to re-cut the stems and place them into warm water with flower food.  The flower food really does help to prolong the life of the flowers.

The flower food helps by giving the flowers nutrients, lowering the PH  and it also has an anti-bacteria.  Let the Peonies drink the flower food for at least two hours.  (This is called “conditioning” something a good florist will always do!)  Then its time to arrange them.  Re-cutting stems  and changing the water every couple of days will help too.

Ready to pop open!

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2 Responses to Welcome Bashful Peony Beauty

  1. dear flower lantern,

    I just love the foliage of the peony. I often use a single leaf in a non traditional japanese arrangement. Who can resist the Queen of Roses.


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