Fresh and Romantic Wedding at WCWL

Loving the colour combination of this wedding with peach, yellow, white and pink to create their fresh yet romantic event.  Their wedding flowers were planned completely over the internet and through phone conversations as the couple resides in Boston. Morgan and Mike tied the knot in June, 2011 in Egmont, BC at the West Coast Wilderness Lodge

The highly recommend photographer Alana Couch graciously  gave us these brilliant shots.  Checking out her site and blog, it is always inspiring.

all wrapped up

  • love at first sight
  • the girls


    so sweet

    standing up


    bud vase of poppies

    table arrangements

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3 Responses to Fresh and Romantic Wedding at WCWL

  1. How lovely! I really enjoy the colors and shapes, and the way you have mirrored the tones of the invitations so nicely—the arrangements are beautifully put together 🙂

  2. David says:

    This one is lovely too. You’re totally outdoing yourself with these bouquets Kathryn! They look wonderful. That tall vase with the poppies has a wonderfully modern feel to it, and the pink, yellow, orange arrangement is nothing but cheerful!

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